Classic outdoor lamps made from natural materials

Lighting designers and architects are faced with the special challenge of integrating light not only functionally. Light is a design element that is an important addition to the overall concept. It is not only about its effect in the room, the mood it creates or the function it must fulfil. The light source itself must also fit seamlessly into the outdoor area.

Classic shapes such as lanterns or simple bollards are far from being obsolete here. There is something original and historic about them – and depending on the material and design, they take you back to times long past when fire still burned in their midst instead of LEDs.

Today, however, the return to the original is not only reflected in the shape and colour of the lamps. The trend today is clearly towards unusual and above all natural materials. This starts with the look and ends with the “building material” of the lamp body.

Heavy materials such as stone or concrete can be found here, but also filigree glass in a completely new look. In any case, materials that naturally belong in nature and the garden.

What could be more original than basalt stone? The heavy material that literally sprouts directly from the earth stands for an inimitable otherness. The destructive power of magma is contrasted by the creative power of its solid form – basalt. This is the only way basalt could become the most widespread rock in the world: both on land and under water – in some cases even beyond. Because basalt rock is also found on the moon and Mars and other terrestrial planets. With the SLV LISENNE lighting family, you can now bring the primary rock into your garden and outdoor area. Basalt rock forms the solid base of the outdoor lamps.
An equally extraordinary combination is the SLV ARROCK series. In a modern look, natural stone forms an extraordinary pair together with stainless steel. The angular design emphasises the solid character of the stone and the indirect light also plays its part.

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