Nordic aesthetics from the manufacturer Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen’s well-known design aesthetic was crucial for the project; it coincides exactly with our objectives. It was important to us that the hotel would still feel modern and relevant in 10 years’ time and be able to arouse guests’ curiosity. Arne Jacobsen’s organic shapes add poetry to the building, and the choice of colours and materials was fundamental throughout the project: from coarsely woven fabrics and slightly transparent curtains to light wood and stone. The soft beige and grey tones match the light we have in the Nordic countries, where colour character and depth can change to violet or warm beige. Together, the different elements embody the hotel’s identity.
– Barbara Bendix Becker, designer, artist & owner of Studio R7B-Copenhagen.

The aim was to create the perfect fusion of global and local. The furnishings are international and the décor is Scandinavian. Hotel Odeon takes its cue from the Nordic aesthetic with a colour palette in soft tones, a special appreciation for craftsmanship and elegant Danish furniture design.

“The perception of luxury has shifted from large crystal chandeliers to selected running tracks in the surroundings, dining at communal tables, attentive staff and decoration with a personal touch,” says architect Pernille Arlien Søborg Henriksen, owner of Co.designstudio.

At Hotel Odeon, a lot of attention has been paid to materials and colours. The tactile theme of the ground floor is reflected in every room, offering guests a holistic experience of hospitality. The suites are designed with sensitivity to form and material. The Series 7™ and Drop™ chairs by Fritz Hansen create a sculptural space and reflect the Nordic concept.