Often copied but never equalled the Random Light by Moooi

Finding a lamp for your own four walls is often a difficult task given the selection of high-quality products available on the market today.
Yet lamps are increasingly a perfect symbiosis of design object and light source. Modern lamps have character – and often not too little. A lamp should give a room a new effect without taking away its identity. It should embody an opinion without speaking too loudly. It should give light without being too much lighting. It should be a Moooi Random Light – freedom given form. The Moooi Random Light White is a classic Moooi composition between fragile elegance and imposing appearance. The finely woven structure made of epoxy and fibreglass provides the magical, three-dimensional effect and the size of the lamp gives it the necessary spatial presence. “Moooi” is Dutch and means “beautiful”. “Moooi” stands for ‘extra beautiful’ according to the company founders Wanders and Vissers. Bertjan Pot has certainly created a lamp in the ‘extra beautiful’ category with the Random Light. The small yarn threads are dipped in synthetic resin before processing and then laid randomly. The knot-like structure of the Random Light creates a unique play between light and shadow in every lamp. The bulb can be easily replaced through a small opening near the holder. The Random Light White is available in three different sizes: 50cm diameter, 80cm diameter and 110cm diameter. You can hang it alone or combine several of them. All in all, the Random Light White is a typical Moooi lamp, which manages to win the hearts of its viewers like hardly any other.