The outdoor lamps collection Palos by Wever and Ducre

Whether after a great party or a long day at the office – The Wever and Ducre Palos brings you home safely in any case. Because thanks to its asymmetrical beam angle, it illuminates paths and driveways particularly broadly. And thus ensures that we can find our way around easily even in the evening hours. But the Wever and Duce Palos impresses not only with its innovative technology. Its reduced design also makes the minimalist lamp a true outdoor highlight. That is why the Palos from Wever and Ducre

Palos is also ideal for accentuating facades, which it makes shine as a wall version in no less than three different versions. “Inspired by the ‘safe way home’, with PALOS we wanted to create an outdoor lamp that not only serves to illuminate paths and driveways, but also creates a familiar and cozy atmosphere.”

Die Outdoor Leuchten Kollektion Palos von Wever und Ducre

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