Defining what a ceiling light has to offer

The Serien Lighting Curling lighting family perfectly combines the sustainability of the latest LED technology with elegantly timeless form. Intelligent design details make Curling a downlight and ceiling light in one and ready for use in commercial and private spaces.

Curling’s fine glass body is available in opal, crystal clear or as a clear outer body with cylindrical or conical inserts. The perfect interplay of form and function thus creates the optimal light emission and mood for the respective room situation. Particularly ingenious: An optical insert, which is fixed directly under the light source with two small magnetic points, ensures optimum light distribution and soft glare-free light with its special cut. The small LEDs require four times less energy than halogen lamps for the same light output and are ready for a long service life with their future-oriented technology.

With a daily burning time of six hours, the LED unit only needs to be replaced after about 10 years. And even that is no problem thanks to the latest technology: Curling is equipped with a standardised replacement system that makes it as easy for the end user to change the light source as it is to change an incandescent bulb. For applications where halogen light is preferred, Curling is also available as a halogen version.

The Serien Lighting Curling is available in all variants for direct ceiling mounting, as a ceiling luminaire with tubular suspension and as a pendant lamp with a steel cable suspension that can be easily aligned without tools. Further practical aspects: The glass body is dustproof and can also be put in the dishwasher. Its attachment is easy thanks to bayonet suspension, no tools are required for this either.