The new pendant lamp Manta made of crystal by the manufacturer Terzani

The Manta pendant lamp was created with sinuous, undulating lines. The result is soft waves of crystal light that are reminiscent of an underwater world. The innovative Manta pendant lamp is made of crystal and has a dimmable integrated LED lamp that maximises the reflection of the crystal. Manta’s organic shape is available in two sizes and can be installed in numerous customisable arrangements. Design Dodo Arslan & Nicolas Terzani.

Die neue Pendelleuchte Manta aus Kristall des Herstellers Terzani

Terzani continues to redefine the way design lighting is designed and manufactured. By experimenting with new production methods and forward-thinking ideas, the company has become known for designs that use sculpture, light, shadow and movement to reshape spaces. From the beginning, Terzani has considered aesthetics as a way of interpreting natural and artistic beauty. The company was born in Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, and followed the creative calls of the magical city. The word “aesthetics” comes from the Greek “aisthesis”, which means “feeling” or, more precisely, “knowledge” that comes from using one’s senses. When you look at a Terzani design, you feel its light enchantingly enveloping the surrounding space. It is more than just a practical, utilitarian design, it is an aesthetic that embodies modern and artistic beauty through the use of design and innovative technologies.