Portable lamps from the German manufacturer IP44.de

Some novelties of the German manufacturer IP44.de. The latest one is called qu and is the contemporary translation of a classic lantern. For fil, on the other hand, we have refined the shade of the outdoor luminaire with fabric and in this way given its light literally fabric-like qualities. lix is now also available in the summer colours sage, sun and ruby. They all belong to our young collection of portable outdoor luminaires, whose enormous success surprised us at first. On the other hand, it’s true: outdoors, we enjoy an expanse and a freedom that we simply don’t know indoors. Outdoor lamps from IP44.de have the task of accompanying us during these starry hours. The modern lantern with great light can be taken wherever we like to go! Combined with the hook, the qu makes every wall shine, or can be hung on the rope in trees, under veranda or balcony ceilings. The 3-fold touch dimmer creates atmospheric moments indoors and outdoors and, in the jet black + bright bronze versions with amber-coloured glass body, blends beautifully into any ambience.

portable Leuchten des deutschen Herstellers IP44.de

As is well known, the cube has six sides: with fil, they combine a flush-mounted solar panel in sides made of translucent fabric. A second inner cube made of translucent polycarbonate ensures a uniform light pattern. This is the material from which dreamlike light is made: we have covered fil with a weather- and UV-resistant outdoor fabric that spreads brightness in the most pleasant way. Our Bauhaus-inspired lamp is available in heights of 48 and 71 centimetres.