The Flyer lamp by the Italian manufacturer Prandina

Our mission is to write your special lightingstories. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable with a timeless design like at your home, wherever you will be. Here we tell story made of lightness in its forms, an elegance of yesteryear in its movements, a feature dedicated to the most demanding users. Perhaps they are concepts already seen in decorative lighting, perhaps they are qualities already presented in design, perhaps, more simply, they are characters and words never told together in a wall lamp. Thus begins the story of Flyer, a lamp capable of illuminating our life stories without disturbing, adapting in its horizontal movement of about 150° to our daily relaxation in the living room or to the meeting between friends in our favorite restaurant or even in dinner with our families. There are several examples where Flyer can become the protagonist, always different but always linked to needs in use.

  Die Flyer Leuchte des italienischen Herstellers Prandina

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