Light as an essential design element for indoor and outdoor areas

Lighting design takes on an important role in the design of indoor and outdoor areas. As a decorative spatial element, artificial light and luminaire design share the skin role depending on the time of day. If light gives the room a warm atmosphere during the dark hours, the design of the lamp during daylight emphasises the character of the room, continues the tension of the interior or provides varied contrasts. Top Light has the right lamp for every home!

Licht als wesentliches Gestaltungselement für Innen- und Außenbereiche

Homeliness through targeted lighting design

Lighting design influences the perception of a room more than many people suspect. If not positioned correctly, luminaire light on shiny surfaces can unconsciously create disturbing glare reflections. High-quality materials such as natural stone floors or fine wooden surfaces appear glossy and colourless due to incorrectly positioned lamps and lighting design that is not matched to the material. So you see how important it is for a homely atmosphere to consider not only the style of the furnishings but also the lighting design when planning the lighting. At Top Light you will find the right lighting for every room and every requirement!

Timeless designs and innovative functionality

The exclusive designer lamps of the renowned manufacturer Top Light are developed in close cooperation with the designer Rolf Ziel. With their innovative functionality and high-quality materials , Top Light specifically sets the scene for the lamp. Not to forget the multi-award-winning modern and timeless design of the lamps, which can be integrated into any interior design. This combination of special features gives your home a homely and personal atmosphere.
Playing with light conveys moods

Illuminate selected areas in a targeted way to give the room a unique structure. Or emphasise the homeliness of a room with indirect lighting. Spotlighting, which you can achieve with our classic Top Light Puk Wall, ensures good visibility, as is desired when reading, for example, and a special atmosphere in the room. This good illumination, which is required in certain situations, is achieved with high-lumen LED light sources. Dimmability enables individual adjustment to lighting needs. In this way, you can create individual mood profiles for a special ambience ranging from cosy and homely to clearly structured.
Exclusive designer luminaires – decorative and expressive

The designs of the lamps by the renowned manufacturer of high-quality lighting have regularly attracted the interest of juries of various awards in recent years. For as timelessly modern as the lamps present themselves, their effect in interiors and exteriors is equally harmonious. Top Light and its wide range of exclusive lamps are the perfect choice. A name that stands for quality Made in Germany.