Mini Track the new track system from Top Light

New situations require new solutions. For this reason, Top Light has added the new “Mini Track” track system to its already extensive range of lamps and light mirrors. In cooperation with the well-known luminaire manufacturer “molto luce”, the advantages of both companies and product ranges have been combined. Thanks to the matching adapters, the proven 2-phase track system can now be connected to the well-known lamps from the Top Light range. The foolproof plug-in system enables individual lighting concepts that can be used in both the private and commercial sectors. The tried-and-tested “Volare” track, which is marketed under the name “Mini Track”, can in future be combined with the excellent lamps from Top Light.

The track offers countless possibilities. It can be mounted either by wire, with the help of the ceiling fastening or as direct mounting. The track system is available in four different colours: chrome, white, black and natural anodised. In addition, three different lengths between 1000 and 2950 millimetres are available, which can be shortened to any length. Thanks to the connectors, track systems with a length of more than three metres can also be realised. This makes the adaptation of the rail system particularly flexible. With the help of the different connectors, complex systems can be created that cut a fine figure in both the living room and the office. In addition to the 90° angle connector, T-connectors and cross connectors are also available. The blind covers prevent an unsightly view of the inside of the tracks.

Power is supplied either at the ends or in middle sections of the tracks, so that the system can be used in any room. By using the so-called insulating connectors, even separate circuits can be realised within one system. In this way, it is also possible to switch individual lamps on the tracks. The lamp heads are adjustable on the track so that they can be varied and changed at any time. This makes it possible to realise ever new lighting solutions that meet the customers’ ideas.

When it comes to the lamps, Top Light relies above all on the tried and tested lamp heads of the Top Light Puk series, which have already won several awards in the past. Puk Turn and Puk Exe Ceiling as well as Puk Side Single or Twin enable perfect illumination of the rooms. They set atmospheric accents in the room and enable the targeted illumination of pictures and pieces of furniture. The Puk Drop and Puk Drop pendant lamps can also be used in the new track system. This makes the track system also suitable for use above the dining table and in the office. In addition, Top Light offers many other luminaire heads, both pendant lamps and spots, which allow individual lighting. All products can be designed according to your own wishes. Depending on the lamp head, there is a choice of different colours, such as chrome, silver, white or black. The cable colours of the pendant lamps can also be varied.

Mini Track das neue Schienensystem von Top Light